Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Buying Polish

I bought two new polishes tonight, inexpensive ones. However, I don't have pictures of them right now, so I'll have to post them tomorrow, I guess.

What I DO have is pictures of my latest China Glaze acquisition! I bought the entire Up and Away collection, and I also got a bottle of GR8 and Solar Flare. First up is the gold polishes--a holographic shimmer and a chunky glitter:

I just noticed that I inadvertantly saved the above image as a .jpg and not a .png. Unfortunately.

Next up is the Up and Away polishes. They are all cremes and they are all so gorgeous! I was a little stumped by Four Leaf Clover, as it looks (to me, at least) more teal than true green. But I put it on my toes this morning (this was the first of the collection that I tried) and against my brown toes, it really does look like a bright green. I took a picture, but my toenails looked BLUE in the photo, so I'm not going to worry about posting it. But here are the China Glazes:

From left to right, they are: Something Sweet, Re-Fresh Mint, Flyin' High, Grape Pop, Lemon Fizz, Sugar High, Happy Go Lucky, High Hopes, Heli-Yum, Peachy Keen, Four Leaf Clover, and Light As Air!!!

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