Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the past week or so, I've been going polish crazy! I'm going through some personal things, and my nerves are kind of bad, so I guess buying nail polish is a way that I've been trying to soothe them. My Sally's haul consists of China Glaze's Purple Panic, 3 bottles of China Glaze Matte Magic, China Glaze's Celtic Sun (neon), Seche Vite fast dry, and Orly matte topcoat for males. I took the Orly back, as I read on some other blogs that it is not as matte as Matte Magic, and I got three more Matte Magics in its place, since these were on sale for just $1.99. Later this week I went back and bought an additional three more Matte Magics for the same price at Sally's, and I have eight in all now. I'm sure I will have matte polish long after the trend has ended!

On Wednesday, I went to Walgreens and took advantage of a sale that had on Sally Hansen polish. I bought six; they were buy one (at roughly $2.80) and get the second half off! I couldn't resist, and bought: Rockstar Pink, a ton of what seems to be pink, blue, and silver glitter in a clear polish
Lime Lights, a pearlescent pale green
Celeb City, a smooth, shimmery metallic silver
Sun Kissed, a bright orange creme
Red Carpet, red glitter in red polish
Shooting Star, blue, silver, and purple glitter in a transparent blue polish

I wore Rockstar Pink over China Glaze Shower Together a few days ago. It was, IMO, gorgeous:

I picked up these polishes two days ago. I'm really feeling the chunky glitter movement.

This picture turned out tinier than I expected. All of these polishes with the exception of four were only one dollar each. They are, left to right:
Love My Nails Pretty in Pink, tiny pink and large pink hex glitter in a clear polish
Love My Nails Angel Baby, tiny and small iridescent colored glitter in a clear polish
Love My Nails Crazy For You, large red heart glitter in a clear polish
Love My Nails Glory, red and blue thin bar glitter and large silver star glitter in clear polish
Hard Candy Break Up, silver hex glitter in a frosted clear polish
Love My Nails Pink Surprise, fine iridescent glitter, larger silver hex and diamond glitter in a yellow tinted clear polish
Love My Nails Cosmos, fine iridescent glitter and large silver star glitter in a clear polish
Love My Nails All That, tiny glitter and larger square glitter in a purple tinted, clear polish
N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter, fine, dense, silver glitter and larger round blue and purple glitter in a clear polish
Sally Hansen Emerald City, deep green shimmer
Sally Hansen Wet Cement, gray-beige creme
Sally Hansen VIP Pink, fine pink glitter in a pink "jelly" polish

Quite a haul this past week!

Yesterday, I wanted to have some fun with my newest chunky glitter topcoats. So I painted my nails with Solar Power by China Glaze, and I topped them with two coats of Pink Surprise, which has tiny glitter and larger, round glitter pieces. The finished look was:

The picture ended up a bit blurrier than I would have liked. But I think the large glitter pieces look great with the smaller glitter infusion on that bold, bright yellow. I'm really into colors that just pop against my skin color, so I really like this! It was fun to wear.

That's all for now. I'm working on getting my polish collection in order, still. I have long way to go, but I'll be back soon, doing more looks.

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