Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm going to create a new tag, or category, called "Found." I'm doing this because I found four bottles of polish in a back room. Two were on a table underneath "stuff" and I obviosly haven't used them in MONTHS, if not YEARS. I found two more in a bag of candy in the same back room. I'd bought the candy from Disney World five months ago, and I was so glad to find these two because one of them is my long-lost China Glaze Chiaroscuro! I'd always loved the color; I bought the bottle of polish some time last year. I have only used the polish two or three times, so the bottle is still full. I recently ordered a bunch of China Glaze online, and I turned it over and over in my mind, whether or not I should buy another Chiaroscuro. I finally decided NOT to, convinced that I'd find my original bottle eventually--and I did!

The other three colors and brands that I came across this evening: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (unknown color name, but the polish is a shimmery pinkish-tan), Kiss Colors (unknown color name, but the polish is a french-manicure-type shade--a very very pale pinkish/orange creme), Tea Tango (this is a creme as well, a very deep burgundy shade). I find it interesting that most of these are neutrals. I guess that's what I mainly bought before I got into the brighter shades!

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