Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Polishes!

I've gone kind of crazy in the last couple of days! I bought four new polishes last night when I stopped by Walgreens after work. Their Sinful Colors polishes are always $1.99, so I picked up Vacation Time, a mauve-ish creme, and Dancing Nails, a dusty rose shimmer. I put Vacation Time on my nails last night, and right now it's slightly chipped, even though I put the Seche Vite top coat on it. I only owned one other Sinful Colors polish prior to last night--Aqua. I didn't use it much, and I remember now that that is because yes, it is prone to chip. Sinful Colors and other polishes that chip easily are good for when I want my nails a particular color for no longer than a day. And since all polishes chip on me within two or three days, and since I change polish color frequently, it really doesn't matter.

Also from Walgreens, I picked up two Wet N Wild polishes from their "Craze" line. There was a sale on the $1.99 polishes--buy one, get one half-off. I got a color called Shield, which is a metallic cross between gold and silver, and a color called Goldmine, which is a mettalic shimmery true gold.

Today I went polish crazy at a beauty supply store that stocks a TON of inexpensive cosmetics. I'd bought a couple of Kleancolor eyeshadow sets from there before, but I don't think I've ever bought polish from there. They have the NYX polishes (I almost got a glittery neon yellow one), Milani, Kleancolor, L.A. Girl, you name it. AND they have a large selection. They had ALL of the Kleancolor polishes for $.99 each! I wish I could have bought all of them. But I did get six: Pearl Jungle, Neon Fuschia, Firework, Chunky Silver, Brown, and Green Grass. I also got two of the L.A. Girl Disco Brites polishes: Groovy (a purple) and Deejay (a blue). Both are cremes, and the bottle claims they glow under blacklight. The Disco Brites were only $1.99, and again, I wish I could have bought them all!

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