Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Multi-Colored Glitter

Just another franken with a bunch of glitters thrown into yet another bottle of Wet n Wild glitter polish. I have no idea what I used, as I've never really kept track of amounts or written anything down. From here on out, though, I'm going to make a record of it, at least for my own personal benefit.

This is over an unknown Color Club. I tend to go to Ross and buy sets of Color Club polishes, and not end up knowing which color is which, either because they're incorrectly packaged and mislabled, or because I don't commit the names of the colors to memory. It's a magenta that's more red than it appears here. I take all my photos with my iPhone, and I don't get the best color representation, but at least I'm getting a little better with editing in post-production to make the colors a bit more realistic. When I can remember to, that is. I just can remember to watermark everything!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini White Experiement

I rather like this one!

Haven't been posting much lately.  Work has me bored, exhausted, and not feeling like much else when I'm not there.  But I'll improve.  LOL.