Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Polishes!

Yesterday I stumbled upon a display of Sinful Colors at a local beauty supply store. I helped myself to two: Well Prepared, a dark mauve creme, and Show Me the Way, a dark lime-green shimmer.

Today was even better, though: I went to a different beauty supply store and came across a display of NYX lipstick! This was so thrilling to me because my favorite--my absolute favorite lipstick of all time--is NYX Chaos, a creamy, pigmented red with lots of staying power. I think I first bought it four or five years ago, and a couple of years ago it became very scarce and hard to find. They changed the packaging, and now the brand can be found in places like Ulta, but Chaos was either not carried or not in stock. This store tonight had SIX in their display, so I'm horrible, but I bought four of them. I mean, at $1.49 each, I couldn't resist!

I also helped myself to eleven new polishes: another bottle of Kleancolor Firework and ten more disco brites:

From left to right, top row then bottom row: Disco Fever, Funkadelic, Chic, Retro, Disco Ball, Hustle, Turntable, Stayin' Alive, Boogie, and Dance Craze.

I now have twelve of the 24 Disco Brites! I hope to buy the rest of the collection soon!

I'm off to swatch these in my spiral-bound index card notebook. It small and I can throw it in my purse, so that when I go shopping, I'll have the brands, names, and colors of polishes I already own. I won't accidentally buy duplicates, or two colors that are too close to each other!

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