Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wizard of Ooh Ahz

I was in Sally's Thursday, and they were having a special--$1.00 off of China Glaze. That, coupled with the discount from the discount card, meant pretty good prices. I'd originally planned to order some more CG polish online, but this totally beat online prices, since I didn't have to pay for shipping! I got all six from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, and I ALSO copped a bottle of CG Emerald Sparkle, because I feel this color DEFINITELY should have been included with the collection. And plus, Emerald Sparkle was on sale for only $1.99. For less than twenty-six dollars, I got seven bottles of polish! I think that's a great deal for this brand.

I wore Dorothy Who? today. In the bottle, it looks like a pure blue. On my nails, however, it looked like it had teal undertones, like it was even sort of greenish. Also, the photo below doesn't do it justice. The flash makes the color appear to be sort of transluscent, but on my nails, to my eye, it looks opaque. This is three coats:

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