Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Lots Haul

A week ago I went to Big Lots. I occasionally find stuff there for good prices. I've bought video games, books, craft supplies, and cleaning supplies there, but I've generally stayed away from the food and cosmetics. However, upon finding out that nail polish doesn't really go bad, I decided that this store might be a good place to shop for polish.

This is what I walked away with: two blister packed two-packs of Revlon polish: Power Walk Pink, Twinkled Pink, Wine With Everything, and Rose Zing. Each bottle is the standard half-ouncer. I also picked up some Sally Hansen polishes--four packs of minis. Unfortunately, the colors are not labeled. Each package comes with a mini nail file. Since Big Lots sells discontinued merchandise, I know these polishes haven't been in "regular" stores for quite a while. The back of the packages say copyright 2008, so I figure these are at least two years old. The blue package claims to be from the "Xtreme Wear" line. There is a metallic rust orange, a metallic royal blue, a metallic silver, a metallic deep red, and a metallic teal. There is a purple package of polishes from the "Xtreme Wear" line as well: a shimmery pink, a shimmery fuchsia, a shimmery purple, a shimmery dark turquoise, and a shimmery jade green. The pink package contains colors from the "Diamond Strength" line. There is a lighter shimmery pink, a fuchsia creme, a shimmery wine-red, a shimmery mauve, and a shimmery light tan. And finally, in the black packaging, there are polishes from the "Lacquer Shine" collection: a shimmery magenta, a shimmery dark purple, a shimmery blue, a shimmery red, and a shimmery reddish-black.

Quite an assortment. I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen polishes, so these will be fun to eventually use. There are twenty unique colors, all miniature sized (.13 oz). The Revlon polishes pictured are the only Revlon polishes that I own, so I'm not sure how they will perform on my nails!

I spent maybe twelve dollars, including tax, for everything purchased. Big Lots frequently puts their own price tag on merchandise, even though they leave the original price tag intact.

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