Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ouch! Broken Glass!

While there was joy in getting all my nail polish and supplies back, there was NO joy whatsoever in seeing that so many of my empty polish bottles had suffered during the move.  A cursory glance when I opened up one of the boxes housing empty bottles told me that AT LEAST 1/4 of the bottles in that box had been broken.  When I brought this matter to the attention of the guy in charge of the movers, he assured me that not much could be done, since the bottles were moved in the container they were originally shipped to me in.

So much broken glass!  This is a problem I've never really encountered before, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle this.  I'm planning to just throw them all away.  I don't want to "play" with broken glass, whether it's trying to fish out the whole bottles from the wreckage of broken ones, or whether it's trying to clean glass shards and pieces out of the whole bottles.

So while I do have dozens of other bottles that didn't break, I'm going to need to replace the dozens that did break.  I really liked the bottles I'm going to have to discard, but I ordered them from another country (Canada, I believe) and of all the suppliers I've used for bottles, that company was one of the more difficult to work with, as far as shipping was concerned.  So, I've been looking around at other suppliers and in the past few days I've ordered "samples" of empty nail polish bottles from about three different sources I haven't used before.  Once the new ones come in and I test them out, I'll decide to either order more of them in bulk, or order more bottles in bulk from one of the suppliers I'd used in the past.

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