Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas!

Or is that "Merry"?

At any rate, I hope that all reading this had a safe and pleasant Christmas Day, whether you went all out and celebrated, or just chilled.

Myself--I "celebrated" by making new polishes!  I hadn't designed any Christmas polishes since 2012 (and photos of them are around...somewhere) so I decided to help myself get into the Christmas spirit after a challenging fall, which consisted of relocating.

I knew I wanted to do a colorful, color-filled set, something bright and bold.  So in the end, I decided to go with yellow, green, blue, and red! Each polish consists of a mixture of at least six types of glitter, each.  One has a tinted base; the others have clear bases.  Three feature holo glitter; all but one feature round glitter of some type.

When I decided to name these, I thought, "Why not name them after some of the Christmas songs that pop into my head around this time of year?"

So, I called it the "Christmas Music" collection!

Left to right: Five Golden Rings, Ageless & Evergreen, Pretty Ribbons, Give Love on Christmas

Five Golden Rings is named after the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  It consists of lots of holo gold and silver glitter in a variety of sizes and shapes, tiny yellow stars, little gold stars, and lots of yellow--"golden"--rings.

Ageless & Evergreen isn't named after a Christmas song, but the song it WAS named after has always reminded me of Christmas, maybe because the word "evergreen" reminds me of Christmas.  It's made up of about five different sizes and finishes of round dot glitter, smaller hexes, metallic glitter, and a handful of large pastel and neon hexes thrown into the mix.

Pretty Ribbons is named after a song I heard a lot growing up.  I'm not a fan of country music, but I can tolerate the song this time of year.  Why not use it for this polish, which consists of a shimmery blue-tinted base, with an assortment of blue glitters in different sizes and shapes, including light blue bows, and iridescent glitter?

Give Love on Christmas is named after a holiday song that I DO like a lot and play all the time.  It consists of crushed candy cane-esque red and white glitter, multicolored holographic glitter, and a few neon pink and red satin hearts.  I think this one might be my favorite of the four, and I can't WAIT to wear it!

I've swatched them all on a color ring, and I plan to swatch them for day-to-day testing on my actual fingertips soon.  Unfortunately, I couldn't label them, as I haven't yet located the power cord for my printer--it could be in one of the dozens of boxes I have remaining to unpack.  But the virtual labels are just as cute as real ones, I think!

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