Monday, December 22, 2014

Caught Up!

I'm almost always behind on logging my polish supply purchases, and I only log the glitter/pigments that I buy.  I need to inventory the bottles, caps, beads, and brushes as well, but I will start on that after, and only after, I get completely caught up with the glitter.  As the title states I'm caught up, but only almost.  I'm expecting one more shipment of glitter before the end of the year, and once it arrives and gets logged, I'll start on getting the rest of my supplies and products in order.

My most recent glitter purchase was supposed to arrive Saturday, and of course it didn't.  It didn't come in today's mail, either, which is a complete letdown, but if the USPS is unreliable on regular days, around the holidays you can count on it to be about seven times MORE unreliable, so it's a disappointment but in no way a surprise.  I was supposed to get at least another package in the mail today, as well, and it's not here either.  Rounding out the rest of the orders I have coming in for 2014 is three four shipments of nail polish from assorted vendors, and then I honestly think that's it, for polish, for me, for a VERY long time.

It doesn't help that I'm still getting settled into the house (I've unpacked/unboxed about 1/3 of what I need to unpack), but I can't expect to be all situated overnight.  Even the moving company gives us sixty days to file a claim because they know how long unpacking takes.  But I digress.  I no longer have the HUGE loft I was working with at my last house, and this time, I only have a small spare bedroom to serve as my studio and office, so getting it into order will be a challenge, but I'm up for it.  Once I can get my workspace figured out (which I plan to do before the year is out) then things will start to fall into place on their own.

I meant what I said about not buying as much nail polish anymore.  I have SO many--I mean, SO many untried polishes and I need to wear them, as many of them as possible, before investing in more.

Some nail polish bloggers log all of their nail polish.  I haven't done this and don't plan to do it for several reasons, the main one of which is because I honestly believe it would take forever.  I have so. Much. Polish.  But I'm going to slow down.  This time next year I plan to have the same amount!

A ban?  Maybe.  Probably.  More like a moratorium, I guess.  We'll see.

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