Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Something for the Patriotic

I was at a local Walmart not too long ago, and I saw a collection of Independence Day themed nail polish.  The Salon Perfect line, sold at Walmart, had released a limited edition set of nail polish colors and glitter topcoats all in shades of red, white, and blue!

 A press photo for the collection, called "Paint the Town Red White & Blue" (my main concern, naturally, being the glitter topcoats) are below:
At the store, it was the glitter topcoats I surreptitiously took a photo of:
I decided not to purchase them, although I'd been wanting another red, white, and blue topcoat for awhile now.  I'd been toying with the idea of buying the one from Sephora, but to tide me over I made my own last week--but more about that later.

Since I have a ton of glitter already, and of course hundreds of empty bottles, caps, brushes, and suspension base at my disposal, I decided to make my own set of red, white, and blue topcoats, inspired by both this one from Sephora called Liberty:
and the set of six red, white, and blue glitter topcoats from Salon Perfect.

Here they are, yet unnamed; I finished designing them two days ago:
The first one shown was made a week or so ago while I was still deciding whether or not to buy Liberty.  The other five I made over the space of a day.  Click on the photo to enlarge.

I need to come up with names for these, but so far, I'm very pleased with them!  

Going from l - r, the polishes contain:

1.   tiny matte red hex glitter, matte blue star-shaped glitter, tiny white matte square glitter, matte bar glitter, tiny matte white hex glitter, tiny matte blue hex and square glitter, and holographic shimmer glitter

2. a ton of equal-sized tiny matte white, matte blue, matte red, and holo red glitter

3.  tiny blue, periwinkle, red, and white stars and holographic shimmer

4.  metallic red, blue, and silver bar glitter

5. holographic red, silver, and blue moon and star glitter, and multi-colored, multi-sized holographic glitter (the only polish that contains colors other than red, white, blue, or silver)

6.  tiny matte red bar glitter, tiny matte white rectangle glitter, and tiny matte square bright blue glitter

I really LOVE these and I can't wait to wear them in flag-themed manicures!

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