Friday, June 27, 2014

Four Years?

I've been blogging about nail polish and manicures for four years, but I simply never bothered to put the word out about it or advertise for it.

One reason was because I didn't know how long and how often I'd update, or whether I'd even keep this as a polish-related blog period.  But I've been around awhile, and I'll probably be around longer, and let's face it, I like coming up with manicure designs, glitter topcoats, and talking about nail polish, of which I own entirely too much.  The polish blogging world is over-saturated, with everyone and her mother posting manicures, but I like to think I offer something at least a little different: tips about designing your own nail polish topcoats, and ideas of how to wear them once you get them made.  I halfway want to include other topics on this blog, but for now, I guess it will be polish, and finally I'm going "live."  Honestly, I have fun doing what I do, and I love writing about what I do, and...well...I don't mind "sharing."

And speaking of sharing, there will be a nice giveaway when I reach one-hundred followers, so if you know anyone who likes all things manicure, spread the word!

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