Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Since I was in the creative mood recently, I made four polishes for Easter.  Actually, I've designed six total, but I've only labeled and photographed four of them. 

I call them Psychadeleaster, Bouquet of the Day, Pastel Prayer, and Easter's Peach.

When I was a kid, my mom would always see to it that I be assigned and memorize an Easter speech, which was usually just a resurrection-themed poem.  I added peach, pink, iridescent, and holo glitters and made a pun!  It looks like I added dark/black glitter to this one, but that's actually tiny sky-blue holographic squares that, of course, didn't photograph too well.

Bouquet of the Day is made with assorted shapes and shades of tiny pink and white matte, satin, and holo glitter, as well as large neon and soft pink flower shapes.

Pastel Prayer consists of tiny blue hex, larger yellow yellow hex, green circles, and pink shreds--all in pastel shades of matte glitter.

I think Psychadeleaster is my favorite, but that's because I'm a fan of bold, bright colors.  It has black, white, and neon pink matte bar glitter, white diamond glitter, and various tiny neon and pastel matte glitters!

I made these last week, and I've worn both Pastel Prayer and Psychadeleaster already.  I hope to be able to try Easter's Peach and Bouquet of the Day soon!

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