Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dots I Wish Were Polka

I made a selfie of one-sized, white glitter.  Hexes, although from a distance they can pass for circles.  I think I added too MUCH glitter, as it comes off quite densely from the brush onto the nail. I think it looks better when there is not as much glitter on a nail.

I also tried something that's quite common for manicures, but which is also a first for me: a duotone nail--half hot pink, half red.  I really like the way it looks under the selfie:

I'm going to have to do the duotone thing again; I really like it!

This manicure was inspired the OPI polish, Minnie Style.  It's a glitter topcoat of equally sized red, white, and pink glitter.  Although I have red, white, and pink glitter, I decided to do white glitter only.   Of course, when brushing glitter "dots" on your nail, you get random, uneven placement, which I don't find unappealing.  It's just that the dots on Minnie's dress are polka dots--evenly spaced--and the dots in my selfie can't make polka dots.

Still, I love this look so much!

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