Saturday, April 28, 2012

Franken Attempt With Purchased Glitter

So, I used a bottle of Wet n Wild clear polish and some of the glitter I purchased to make this. I bought maybe twelve colors/sizes/types of glitter, and I used several in this one, in addition to a little pink nail polish for tint. Not bad for a first attempt. In my opinion, at least.

I'm already trying to decide what glitters to get next! I've read on other blogs that there's a special base you can buy in order to make your own polish from scratch that does a bit better with the glitter you add, so I've ordered some. There are some very pretty glitter polishes being made, especially the glitter topcoats. I'm rather partial to glitter. Over the years when I've worn polish, I've never really felt my manicures were complete until I added some type of glittery, shimmery topcoat. I mentioned before that I love cremes because you can experiment with the way they look if you have a variety of topcoats. Well, glitter topcoats are the best for this, in my opinion. I've purchased quite a few glitter topcoats from the stores (brands like China Glaze, Milani, and OPI), but I've also supported "indie" nail polish designers and I've purchased a few from Etsy as well. But there's nothing like making your own!

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