Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Something New(er)

Will be getting back on track with the updates.  So much has been going on (a relocation) and I've been sort of...discombobulated.  Due to the move, almost ALL of my polish is in storage, as well as my polish-creating supplies, so I've been limited as to what I can do.  Since I knew I'd be removed from my personal belongings for WEEKS (four weeks and counting as of now, and I might not see my stuff again for at least two MORE weeks), I pre-filled eight bottles with suspension base and mixing beads, and I kept all my glitter with me so that I could play.

This is something I whipped up in the meantime.  I like it.  It went on a little...thick and sticky/goopy, but a nice topcoat of Seche Vite fixed any issues and it hardened up quite nicely!

This is my latest:

Suspension base, orange, white, and green glitter, and green shimmer powder.  I think the shimmer powder made it a bit thicker than I wanted it to be.  Next time I'll have to use less.  The white glitter consists mainly of tiny diamond shapes.  

I like it! 

It's two coats, on top of two coats of Orly's Highlight, which is a putty type of taupe color, an opaque creme.

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