Sunday, March 2, 2014

Calling Myself Out!

I'd been keeping track of all the glitter I buy, but I'd slacked off on keeping an inventory.  So this weekend I sat down and, over a course of three different sittings, logged my last FOUR glitter hauls.

When I finished, I realized I have over 300 unique types of glitter.

At this point I need to slow down.  I had asked for a custom listing from an Etsy glitter seller last week, and as of yet, I haven't heard anything from this store owner, and I'm taking that as a sign that I don't need to buy anything else, since this seller usually follows up relatively quickly.

I'm at the point where I have way more glitter than I do bottles to put it in and base to mix it with.  Because I tend to buy in spurts--this month I might buy glitter, the next month I might buy bottles, and then I might not buy anything else again for MONTHS--I'll more than likely hold off on getting any more glitter for a few months.  What I want to do is try to at least use up all my inventory of bottles and base, but I have to be honest with myself: that will be a challenge.  I'm iffy about sitting down and forcing myself to blend, and then swatch, and then photograph, but I still like to do those things.  I just haven't been doing them as much lately.

I'm also iffy with manicures as of late.  Whole days will go by where I might not change my polish lately, and that used to almost NEVER happen.  Yet, I've got some ideas for manicures inspired by other fingertips I've seen around the Internet, so I've been making notes.  I did two mini polishes yesterday inspired my my ideas, and I plan to do a couple more to complete the "set."

Also, I've been getting interested in stamping again.  I was doing it pretty heavily about five or six years ago.  I had, over a period of years, bought a lot of Konad plates and polishes.  But I slowly lost interest.  I kept all the stuff, so that's good.  I'll have to play around with stamping more.  I recently ordered new plates and I can't wait to use them.

I've also found myself interested in decals.  But in typical "me" fashion, I don't want to buy decals that others are selling, so I decided to order some inkjet water slide decal paper and make my own decals.  That should arrive in the next week or so, along with my plates. 

I can't believe it's already March.  It doesn't seem like four months ago that I posted last, but I guess it has been.  Time really flies, but I do hope to update more frequently going forward.

My next step as far as all this nail-stuff is concerned is getting organized.  I'm to the point where I have way too much glitter to keep it in two cardboard boxes.  I need to devise some kind of system for them.

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