Monday, February 10, 2014

A Pop of Minnie!

Anyone who knows me well knows that, despite my age, I'm a big fan of Disney!  I have actually  purchased various collections of Disney inspired or affiliated nail polished in the past, and I'm excited to say that there's a new one out that I can't wait to get my hands on!  If you're familiar with the Beautifully Disney line, you may be aware of their various makeup collections, which include things like polish and eye shadow.  While I don't have any of the Beautifully Disney cosmetics yet, that will change as soon as these go on sale online, since even though they're on sale at the parks, they haven't been released yet.

These are official press photos of the lineup, called Pop of Minnie, and they're full of bright colors!

I find myself, for obvious reasons, more concerned with the nail polish, emery boards, and nail decals than the other cosmetics, although the pouch looks cute, too--I might have to snatch that up as well!

The colors are very inspiring!  I've always been a fan of bold, bright hues, whether it's my clothing or on my nails, and since I just couldn't WAIT until I purchase these items, I decided that this would be a good time for a Pop of Minnie inspired mani!

As luck would have it, I just got a new order of stamping plates in the mail a few days ago.  There were a couple of Disney themed plates in my haul, so I pulled those out and got to work!

I decided to get inspiration from the colors and patterns of the nail polish, decals, and packaging.  This was so much fun, and I regret that I only had ten fingers to play with!  Here are five of them, based on my interpretation of some of the accessories:

It's very hard to tell from a photo of a bottle of nail polish what the exact, real-world color would be.  But I love the pink and orange from the Pop of Minnie polish set, so I picked out a bold magenta and orange from my own stash.  The orange is a Sephora by OPI mini, and the magenta is a Color Club, and both are unlabeled.  On the orange, I decided to use a bold-yellow all-over fishnet pattern (index finger).  On the magenta, I decided to stamp fancy blue and yellow stripes (pinkie).  I used the same magenta on my thumb, and stamped Minnie's face on top.  I loved the blue color scene throughout the collection, and featured in the decals.  So I painted my ring finger a bold blue from Ruby Kisses called Blues Clue, and I stamped a mini Minnie over it.  I also love the bright pink used on some of the nail appliques, so I painted my middle finger a bright pink, and I used my Minnie Style-inspired pink, red, and white dotted glitter topcoat over it.

Here's a slightly different photo, using flash, at a higher resolution:

So far I consider Pop of Minnie nail products to be a must-purchase, and I'll get them as soon as I can!  Until then, however, I'll continue to drool over the bright color palette of black, white, yellow, blue, magenta, pink, orange, yellow, and green--and I'm sure I'll do another Pop of Minnie inspired mani along the way!

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