Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Note About Glitter Removal

I have heard lots of women say that they don't care for glitter nail polish because it's so hard to remove.  And while that might be the case for a lot of ladies, it hasn't been proven to be the case with me, especially if I'm using a glitter topcoat as opposed to a regular jelly or creme polish with glitter in it.

When I apply glitter topcoats, selfies or otherwise, I usually use an undie color.  So my application is like this: two coats of the undie polish, two coats of the glitter topcoat, and a quick-dry topcoat to finish it all off.  This means that at any given time, I'm walking around with five layers of polish on my nails.  That's pretty thick--and the quick-dry topcoats are thicker than usual, anyway.  Because I have such a thick layer on my nails, it peels off quite easily, whether I want it to or not.  I've noticed that certain topcoats (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in particular) are more prone to make my manicures peel.  And if I've done dishes, or any other work in which my hands got wet throughout the day, it peels that more readily at the end of the day.  So typically before I go to sleep each night I'm able to peel off the glittery manicure, and all I need is just a quick swipe over the nails to rid them of the little pieces of polish that remain on the nail after I've peeled most of it off.

On the days when my polish doesn't start to lift off on its own, a gentle nudge of the polish at the tip or sides of the nail with a different nail will start the peeling process quite nicely!

Polish peeling from my index finger in the first shot; my index finger stripped cleanly and neatly of polish in the second shot:

I gently remove the polish that remains around the perimeter of the nail with an oil-based nail polish remover pad.  This moisturizes the nail and cleans it all in one step!

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